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Posters for Hood Cleaning

Do you own a hood cleaning business or franchise? Hood Cleaners are the unseen cleaners that work behind the scenes at night when everyone else is sleeping. Essentially, hood cleaners are what keep your favorite restaurants ( and you are not so favorite) running and open to the public. Without having their hoods cleaned on a regular basis, the doors of commercial kitchens would not be able to stay open.

Are you wondering why commercial kitchen vents and hoods have to be cleaned regularly? It is a mandated order by the many states in the U.S. Without hoods being cleaned on a timely basis, grease build up would be phenomenal and actually quite atrocious. Believe it or not, grease fires are the main reason that restaurants burn down.

Grease is a highly flammable substance no matter what type of form it comes in. Whether it is grease vapors, liquidized, or just regular nasty grease build up, it can flame up within a matter of seconds. Picture this, your head chef in his impeccable white coats and hat is created a succulently grilled dinner for your celebrity customer. The excitement and tension in the kitchen are strung like a tightrope walker’s cable across the Niagra Falls. In the Chef’s anticipation and nervousness to cook the best steak ever to be set before Mark Walberg, his hand slips and hits the knob to crank up the heat. The flame under the sizzling filet mignon soars to an all-time new height. The built-up grease on the ducts, vents, and hood ignite in the blink of your chef’s red eyes. Within a matter of mere few gasps of your other employees, the entire duct and vent systems are in flames. Now keep in mind the hood goes all the way out to the outside roof. and soon the kitchen is engulfed in flames and the roof is on fire. The restaurant is quickly evacuated and Mark Walberg leaves a horrendous review on Yelp. Your restaurant’s reputation and your entire structure are in ashes on the ground. Fast forward a few days and you are are on the phone or out on the premises with your insurance agent. He leans in and asks the fatal question, “When were your hoods last cleaned?”  Everything goes numb and you feel intensely dizzy as you whisper, “One year ago”. Your insurance adjuster stares at you blankly and says through tight lips, “Then there is absolutely no way in the heavens above or the hell below that we can help you.” And he turns and briskly walks back to his shiny new Mercedes. You sink to your knees amid the ash and cry out for a meteor to fall from the sky.

Ok. So this can all be completely avoided. Hire a Professional Hood Cleaner. They will put you on the correct schedule for how often your kitchen should be professionally cleaned. Not only will they clean it but they will leave behind a poster that states when it was cleaned and by whom. This will give your fire marshall and your insurance agent proof you are being a responsible commercial kitchen owner.

Ask you hood cleaner to today to leave you behind an Exciting Poster for your commercial kitchen.